BIO: Keith Hill


Who the hell is Keith Hill anyway?


keith pic


From the age of 9, Keith Hill has had a love for the sounds of a 6 string guitar.
From his first “silvertone” acoustic, to his current “Taylor” “Concert series”
acoustic/electric, or his “go to” 1985 Charvel model 6, his love for 6 string guitar ( acoustic and electric) has never waned.

At the age of 18, he moved out west, to Vancouver, to find his calling to the melody.
Playing with a few bar bands, and one or two recording acts, he was unsatisfied, playing
music that wasnt in his soul….always some one elses dream!

So he decided to return home and make his own band, with the help of his big brother, intent
on making a mark in the scene at the time. They toured Canada 50 weeks a year for 9 years..
taking off, only Christmas and Spring break week.

From Newfoundland, to Vancouver Island,they rocked the house. He even gigged up in
White Horse and Yellowknife.
When asked what he had learned from all the days on the road.. he replied..
“ALL OF CANADA IS A DISTINCT SOCIETY”… when youve been where Ive been, you realize

After some time, he also realized that to make a mark on the would
need to write your own music..It was too easy to party, and move every week…
so to that 2011 he released the CD “Beauty day”, a fifteen track CD
distributed as an indie act..and although the cd says 14 tracks..
there is a “hidden 15th bonus track called “Day by day” that isnt

The Beauty day cd  (according to Keith), was an ecclectic gathering of tunes
written to be released,perhaps to be more accessible to a wider audience.

In Keith’s Opinion, every album should have more than one sound…more than
one feel..and every album should have a ballad, as did the “Beauty day” cd
(Loving you tonight)

Keith Found new musicians, to rehearse, and play the music, and in a short time
found himself playing for the city of Kitchener at the Rockin Rumble Motorcycle
meet and greet, also for “Big hair for little Kids”,,,and “CAN JAM” two wonderful
( non profit) Cancer benefits in Brantford to name a few.

The new ,up and coming, “JFR”  cd, promises as the previous,..some GREAT rock and
roll, as well as one or two GREAT heart felt ballads, one of which is dedicated to
his little brother, called “Reinhards song” who passed away in the summer of 2012.

Stay tuned as this “Project” takes hold and moves you like music should!!